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Discover the Tranquility

Within Your True Self


Modern life is chaotic and stressful. Floating allows you to experience the brilliance of peaceful rest by relieving your mind from distractions and your body from tension.


The incredible silence and stillness inside the pod allow you to achieve a deep meditative state of theta-brainwaves which simulates a therapeutic dream-like state. You can feel more vibrant and alive than ever before. 

Floating Benefits

Floating may:

Accelerate muscle repair, regeneration & growth through total rest

Enhance mental resilience, creative visualisation & physical performance

Increase endorphins, fat oxidation, nutrient supply & blood flow

Reduce stress hormones, lactic acid, inflammation, swelling & muscular fatigue


Alleviate effects of poor quality sleep, irregular sleep patterns, fatigue & insomnia

Reach Theta and Delta brainwaves – optimal for deep relaxation, sleep & healing

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