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Go Beyond Your Pain

As human beings have evolved, we have repeatedly overused and misused our musculoskeletal framework. Floating allows your body to elongate your spine and restore your primal body posture and joint mobility. The unique environment of the pod allows you to reduce stress hormone levels, fatigue and sleep disturbances that are commonly caused by pain and aches.


You can redirect your attention away from pain, change your pain perception and strengthen your body for optimal function.

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Floating Benefits

Floating may:

Accelerate muscle repair, regeneration & growth through total rest

Enhance mental resilience, creative visualisation & physical performance

Increase endorphins, fat oxidation, nutrient supply & blood flow

Reduce stress hormones, lactic acid, inflammation, swelling & muscular fatigue


Alleviate effects of poor quality sleep, irregular sleep patterns, fatigue & insomnia

Reach Theta and Delta brainwaves – optimal for deep relaxation, sleep & healing