Floating helps you de-stress and relax. However, the health and wellbeing benefits of spending time floating in water infused with high levels of pharmaceutical-grade magnesium may include:

  • Reduced inflammation and pain

  • Pressure release from decompression and neutral alignment of the spine

  • Anxiety relief and mental clarity due to reduced sensory input

  • Accelerated injury, sports recovery and muscle relaxant

  • Opportunity for visualisation, mindfulness and meditation

  • Improved sleep

  • Enabled transition to theta wave brain pattern

  • Absorption of magnesium through the skin

  • Identify tension areas for diagnosis and treatment

Clients who enjoy and benefit from floating span both genders and all ages from teens to adults to the elderly. It is safe and comfortable for all stages pregnancy, though clients in their first trimester are recommended to consult their health practitioner first.


Individual and packaged sessions are available.


60-Minute Float

Floatation Therapy. Take a break from gravity in a supersaturated mix of Epsom salts and water to achieve deep relaxation from within a dream pod.


6 x 60-Minute Floats

Purchase a 6 float package for yourself, as a gift or to share with friends. Transferable.  Floats expire 12 months from purchase.


10 x 60-Minute Floats

10 x 60-minute floats. Great package to be shared with sporting groups, corporate groups and organisations or keep just for you. Packages are transferable. Floats expire 12 months from purchase.


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Float Membership

Recover and relax with a one-hour float, once per month, for $60.

  • Use anytime during the month.

  • Purchase additional floats for $49. No limit to how many additional floats can be purchased.

  • Payment via direct debit from your account.

  • Missing a month? Your float will be usable next month instead.

  • Every 10th float is free.

  • Cancel anytime with one month notice.

  • Floats are not transferable.

Enjoy additional member perks!

  • Add a one-hour massage for one $75

  • Add a 30-minute infrared sauna for $20

  • 10% off all other products and services

$60 / month

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 If you are interested in more than one our services, have a look at our packages to relax and save.

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