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Restore Yourself

to Optimal Physical Condition


We are constantly using our muscles to fight the gravitational forces that weigh us down and cause tension. Floating is a revolutionary tool for enhancing the recovery, rejuvenation and performance of your body. Floating allows your body to escape the sensation of gravity, release musculoskeletal tension built up from daily life and rest in a healthy stretched posture. You can renew your whole body while maximising training gains and minimising the chance of muscle soreness, fatigue or injury.




Achieve Deep Sleep in Less Time.

Impossible, Right?

In a fast-paced world, it has become the norm to run on auto-pilot and simply view sleep as a luxury. Yet it is while we are sleeping that the neural connections in our brain strengthen and our bodies repair, replenish and rebuild.  Floating allows you to reach the deep meditative state of theta-brainwaves to the extent that – 1 hour of floating can be equivalent to 4 hours of restful sleep. You can gain the greatest amount of rest with the least amount of time.

FLOATING benefits

Floating may:

Accelerate muscle repair, regeneration & growth through total rest

Enhance mental resilience, creative visualisation & physical performance

Increase endorphins, fat oxidation, nutrient supply & blood flow

Reduce stress hormones, lactic acid, inflammation, swelling & muscular fatigue


Alleviate effects of poor quality sleep, irregular sleep patterns, fatigue & insomnia

Reach Theta and Delta brainwaves – optimal for deep relaxation, sleep & healing