Relax together and ask R U OK?


This R U OK day has got us thinking about how many people have come in lately and floated with a friend or family member (in separate pods of course!). Afterwards, they sit and relax in our relaxation room with a cup of tea or juice and smile about how amazing they feel.




It gives an opportunity and time to listen, encourage action or check-in about something that has been going on in a person’s life. The positive experience of a common, relaxing activity reinforces the relationship you have with someone.

Recognise the signs


Recognising the signs that someone might be struggling is the first step. There may be clues that someone is not doing so well. Perhaps you don’t speak as often as before or you don’t see them at activities that you normally see them at. The person might seem stressed or more emotional than before and they might not be taking care of themselves very well.


Take action and ask


Let’s not ignore the signs. Take the time to ask someone: R U OK? Let’s help others that may be afraid to do things alone, even a relaxing activity. Let’s support and connect, which can help stop a person from feeling worse over time.


This month at Ascential Float, we’d like to help you connect with someone and have a chat. So, take a moment to invite and have a float with a friend or family member and we will gift you a free 30-minute infrared sauna session* before your floats. You can spend time relaxing together with the opportunity to ask R U OK?

* Valued at $75. Offer cannot be exchanged for other services or cash. Must be used on the same day as the floats. Minimum of 2 floats must be purchased and used on or before 30 September 2019 to take advantage of this offer.

For more information on R U OK? please visit

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