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Sauna and Float Package

Enjoy a 30-minute sauna followed by a 60-minute float.


Sauna and Massage Package

Enjoy 2hrs with a 30-minute sauna followed by a 60-minute relaxation massage.


Reflexology and Foot Scrub

Treat your feet to the ultimate rejuvenation package! In this 75-minute treatment, the muscles in your feet will be soothed with a reflexology massage. The skin will be exfoliated with our Peppermint Foot Scrub to help combat swelling and inflammation. Our scrub is antibacterial and effective at removing foot odor. Feel fresh!


Float and Massage Package

Enjoy a 60-minute float followed by 60-minute relaxation massage.


Sauna/Float/Massage Package

Purchase this package for yourself or as a gift. Use all together on the same day or stagger them around, we can cater it to your needs. Transferable. Expiry 12 months


Massage and Body Scrub

Begin with a body scrub treatment of your choice to remove dead skin and help improve circulation. Following the scrub, enjoy body brushing to leave your body smooth and glowing. Complete your experience with a Relaxation or Therapeutic Massage. Total treatment time is 2 hours.


Bowen Therapy - 3 Treatment Package

It is recommended to have Bowen Therapy treatments at least 3 times when targeting an issue. Everyone is different and sometimes more or less are needed. Ten days between Bowen Therapy treatments gives your body time to respond and heal. Our 3 session package is a great saving for regular treatments.


Couples Float, Sauna and Massage

Couples package enjoy 3hrs of bliss with your partner, friend or family member. Package includes a 2 person 30-minute sauna, 60-minute relaxation massage and a 60-minute float. Transferable. Expiry 12 months.


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